Wrought Ziricote Gyuto 250mm

By Yanick Puig of France comes a simply elegant gyuto designed and built to be the kitchen's daily driver, offering 250mm / 9.8" of thin, razor-sharp edge for cutting pleasure. In traditional Eastern style, short bevels reveal themselves from beneath forge-finished flats, the bevel's upper section made of the san mai steel formula's wrought iron cladding with beautiful, foggy, kasumi finish, including lovely alloy banding, with 135Cr3 low-alloy carbon steel below at the core, together offering superb convex geometry that balances strength and toughness with a thin, hard edge for uncompromising utility. The rounded, polished blade spine's full-distal taper is to die for, fully forged to slim from a robust 4.5mm above the 60mm tall heel to just 1.4mm an inch from the tip, where it then becomes decidedly refined and slim for detail-oriented work. Comfort and control over this incredible tool is achieved through an octagonal wa-style handle shaped from ziricote wood with a spacer of buxus.