In The Press

Deluxe Titanium Kitchen Tongs
The New Yorker

November 2023

"Tongs are terrific when it comes to agitating a boiling pot of long pasta, but it’s even nicer if they’re wildly futuristic hand-forged titanium tongs, anodized to reveal swoops of space-age color."

TiSpats Titanium Fish Spatula

November 2022

"Oregon-based Ben Tendick’s fish spatula is not just a workhorse but a work of art: Made of titanium and anodized into colorful, fun patterns, it’s the kind of tool a cook will make an excuse just to use."

Handcrafted Chef Knives

June 2022

"The most important thing, Shaw tells me, is finding a knife that’s right for you. That means taking into consideration your size, the size of your cooking space, what appeals to you aesthetically, how you like a knife to feel in your hand, and how you plan to use it."

BRT Titanium Spatulas

June 2022

"You can shift fish or flip burgers on style using Eugene, Ore., bladesmith Ben Tendick's brightly patterned titanium spatula sets. The colorful designs are created during the anodization process, so they're there for life."

Leather Oven Mitts

May 2021

"Normally an oven mitt is awkward and bulky, but this luxe leather model fits, well, like a glove, bringing finesse to open-fire cooking."

TiStix Titanium Chopsticks

December 2020

"...These aerospace-grade metal chopsticks are extraordinarily versatile, not to mention indestructible."

Titanium Cocktail Stirrer

December 2020

"Black Swan Handmade in Maine makes this hand-forged, elegant tool: the hammered bowl and iridescent highlights on the handle make stirring a cocktail a distinct experience."

One-of-a-Kind Chef Knives

March 2020

"...A good knife is
so much more: the key to their livelihood and a
piece of functional art that makes prep a pleasure."

Brass & Steel Pie Server, Decagonal Brass Pitcher

Holiday 2017

"This brass-and-steel pie server from metalworker Erica Moody is sturdy, sure, but let's face it, sometimes we get obsessed with things just because they're really, really pretty."

TiStix Titanium Chopsticks

December 2017

"...These titanium chopsticks are an artful alternative to the wasteful disposable kind. Made of medical-grade titanium, artist-designed and hand-crafted, they stay cool to the touch (meaning you won't burn yourself on hot foods) and are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher."

Crescent Brass Pincers

December 2016

"The Crescent Prass Pincers is the evolution of the Chork...a cross between chopsticks and a fork...Shaw tapped a metal artist to refine the wooden utensil into an elegant and more durable serving and plating tool."

Bryan Raquin Chef Knife

June 2016

" expertly hand-forged beauty by a French blacksmith named Bryan Raquin that's sheathed in wood for easy travel."

Interview with Abe Shaw
USTA Magazine

Holiday 2015

"...Talking about unusual artistic kitchen tools with Abe Shaw, Brooklyn resident, knife lover, owner of Eatingtools."