"It is our hope that the work we do will become part of your families' daily cooking rituals for generations to come."

Meet The Makers

Kehoe Carbon Cookware - California

Dennis and Kasey Kehoe are the creative and metal-bending forces behind their California-based Kehoe Carbon Cookware. A family operation in which Dennis, long-time artist blacksmith and metalworker, and Kasey, veteran of the construction and structural steel areas of metalwork, perform all forging and shaping of the carbon steel pans and flexible spatulas by hand. Dennis, beginning his metalwork journey in 2001 with a bronze casting course at a local college, went on to cast and sculpt bronze for several years until he was introduced to forging in 2008. Kasey, with her journey traced back to the moment she asked her father to show her how to use his welding machine, met Dennis in 2001, and the two have been at it since. Together they have owned and operated a custom shop specializing in hand-forged architectural ironwork and sculpture for a number of years. It was in 2018 when their new culinary-focused adventure began, first as a labor of love: Dennis made Kasey a pan as a gift, his debut piece of cookware, and, having prepared several meals in it and falling in love with the quality and function of such a high-quality cooking tool, decided to make a few more. Quickly selling the first batch, Kehoe Carbon Cookware was soon born, with Dennis and Kasey together designing a collection of skillets, fry pans, saucers, and woks, creating the tooling, and going into production, and we're honored to now offer these beautiful, high-performance culinary objects here on Eatingtools.