"The chef’s knife is a coveted and personal object, an extension of the cook’s hand, passed down through the generations, much like the recipes and culinary knowledge of our forefathers. "

Meet The Makers

GoldVein Culinary

In the pursuit of excellence, no stone is left unturned. GoldVein's premium blade steels are developed in-house by our founders. Each blade component is molten, cast, and forged by hand. The high-performance alloys we develop are specifically formulated for use in culinary blades where a finely honed, exceptional cutting edge is paramount. Using proprietary techniques that include a mix of traditional methods and modern technologies, the finished product has no equal. With over three decades of combined culinary and bladesmithing experience, Tobias Hangler and David Wolkerstorfer of Austria, and Eatingtools' founder Abe Shaw, design and develop each GoldVein object, collaborating with select artisans along the way. From ancient Austrian bog oak to pure 24k gold, titanium, and other premium ingredients, the resulting chef knives are thoughtful, purposeful, and artful at every turn.