Tribal French Slicer 217mm

Precision forged by hand and hammer at bladesmith Don Carlos Andrade's studio on the Southern California coast, this one-of-a-kind French-inspired slicer will carve proteins and prepare fish for sushi, and will be equally at home as a general prep knife for push and pull-cutting chefs who enjoy a shorter blade profile and long, straight edge. In 1095 carbon steel with differential heat treatment and beautiful hamon line, products of Don's careful hardening process, the convex bevels deliver strength and the material needed for tougher cuts, a steady distal taper to provide a needle-like tip, and a silky, hand-sanded satin finish. Wonderfully balanced just at the front of the handle, the blade's choil is polished and rounded, as is the spine, adding comfort in any grip. And for the rest of your fingers, Don has created a beautiful handle in his recognizable and loved hidden-tang profile, sculpted from vintage Westinghouse linen micarta with a red Westinghouse micarta inlay and tribal wrap of woven linen impregnated with rosin to create an element-proof seal. A custom cloth-covered saya is included.