"Trying to make something new is arrogance. Just make what you see."

Meet The Makers

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks - NYC

From artist and woodworker Nils Wessell come extraordinary cutting boards, butcher blocks, and wood serving boards for the kitchen and dining room made under the name Brooklyn Butcher Blocks. Opening its doors in 2010, over a decade of experience and quality has solidified the brand's place with the best in handmade wooden cutting surfaces, now employing a small number of assistants, including Theo, James, and Logan. Nils, a life-long maker and explorer of art and objects, first learned woodwork from his uncle and grandfather during Vermont summers off school. Earning a degree in Studio Arts at Bard College, Nils went on to explore sculpture and architectural work, before quickly realizing that a different path called. He moved to Brooklyn and began working with Joel Bukiewicz, knifemaker and founder of Cut Brooklyn. Adjusting to life in NYC, Nils had yet to find his niche and began to explore woodwork again with Vermont memories in mind and a culinary perspective from Cut Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Butcher Blocks was born. We have had the honor of working with Nils since the early days, visiting his workshops in Brooklyn and admiring his ever-evolving collection of tools. The two-inch End Grain Butcher Block, in Walnut, Cherry, or Nils' well-loved Brickwork pattern, are favorites, and tools we use in the Eatingtools’ kitchen daily.