Cedar Root Honyaki Sujihiki 305mm

Experience world-class slicing, whether raw fish, vegetables, or other ingredients sit on the cutting board, with a stunning sujihiki by Yanick Puig. Forged by hand at his studio in France, Yanick began this one-of-a-kind build with a piece of 135Cr3 low-alloy carbon steel, drawing it out lengthwise to form a 305mm / 12" long blade that measures nearly 5mm wide at the spine above the heel before slimming steadily to an incredibly fine, needle-like tip to complete each precise slice. Tall bevels with superb convex geometry slim from spine to a thin, hard, and very sharp edge, with the blade's high-polished and etched surfaces revealing a beautiful hamon line, the product of Yanick's differential hardening, or what we would call a honyaki quenching process. Balancing around an inch and a half in front of the blade's choil and weighing 8.2oz / 232g, this knife is pure pleasure to hold. To wield the tool Yanick has sculpted cedar root, ebony, and white Elforyn into a wonderfully finished, slightly tapered, octagonal wa-style form.