Silver Dot Damascus Chef 275mm

The interplay achieved by Brazilian bladesmith and artist William Porto between the striking, modified W's pattern carbon damascus steel with its deep, high-contrast etch, the 24k gold, the 1000 fine silver, and the beautifully sculpted amboyna burl which together comprise a chef knife with no equal, is exquisite. At 275mm / 10.8" long with a heel standing 53mm tall, the blade is versatile, refined, and crafted to prepare meal after meal whether at home or in a four-star kitchen. Thin and convex, the edge geometry is superb, sharp, and masterfully hardened, together with a full-distal along the spine leading to a needle-like tip, the length of hand-forged steel enjoys just the right amount of lateral flexibility in the final four to five inches, further adding to the knife's utility on the cutting board. The handle's integral bolster, showing the same beautiful damascus pattern in a different light, is graced with the precious inlays including a fine silver dot in the center. Stepping up from the bolster with museum fit is a piece of dark, elegant, and comfortable amboyna burl carved to fill the hand, and heart. A custom leather saya is included.