Gold Spirograph Boning Knife 193mm

A head-turning fillet knife by Brazilian bladesmith William Porto, this one-of-a-kind creation features a twisted spirograph pattern damascus blade with integral bolsters and a 24k gold inlay. Beautifully shaped and hardened, the carbon steel blade offers a bit of flexibility throughout the top half of its length, where a slimming spine ends at a very fine, needle-like tip, ready for a wide variety of boning and fillet tasks in the kitchen. A deep etch of the steel provides striking contrast between alloys while giving the gold band a canvas on which to shine. Just behind the gold, the heirloom-fit bolster steps up to a piece of stabilized maple which has been gently sculpted into an elegant, Western profile for comfort and control. Included from William is a handmade saya of buffalo leather with lizard leather insert.