Atlantis Damascus Chef 233mm

This handcrafted chef knife by Brazil's William Porto represents the crème de la crème from this talented damascus artist and bladesmith. A 233mm / 9.2" blade boasts an interior panel of an striking and intricate mosaic damascus surrounded by a 'frame' of twisted carbon damascus forming the edge, tip, spine, and integral bolster. Above a beautifully shaped blade choil that includes a swell on which the forefinger comfortably rests while in the pinch grip, is an exquisite bolster adorned by a series of pure 24k gold inlays. Complementing the head-turning style of the materials and finish is a full-size, Western style blade with a thin, sharp edge, and full distal taper along the rounded spine leading to a fine, pointed tip, all in a profile to easily handle every cut in the kitchen. A long flat section from the heel forward allows for effortless chopping, with a wonderful upsweep from the mid-point to a high tip for slicing, carving, and detail work. A tough of lateral flexibility is enjoyed in the blade's final inches. Completing the build, with stepped-down heirloom fit against the damascus bolster, is a gorgeous piece of dyed and stabilized box elder burl. A saya stitched from sustainably sourced leather is included.