Upcycled Stainless Chef 230mm

A unique and infinitely functional full-size chef knife designed and built by Steve Pellegrino with a blade that begs for each and every cut, and a handle with a story. Tall and beautifully finished, the AEB-L high-performance stainless blade is wide at the spine (3.7mm) and weighted out of the handle, tapered, very slim, and slightly flexible at the needle-like tip, and wonderfully thin and balanced along its 230mm / 9" edge. Tall, satin-finished bevels and beautifully rounded spine and choil lend themselves to comfort and cutting efficiency on the board where the European profile rocks nicely and tackles detail work and precision slices with the razor-sharp tip. The handle lends its own journey to the story of this one-of-a-kind tool: sculpted from Nulam by Studio Nulam, a substance made of reclaimed post-consumer plastic sourced from the streets of NYC and transformed with resin and digital fabrication into the upcycled handle material seen here.