Mesquite Slicer / Trimmer 205mm

A classic BBQ trimmer and slicing knife that gives a nod to the smokers and pit masters out there with a beautiful, comfortable handle of mesquite wood. Handcrafted in Philadelphia by bladesmith Steve Pellegrino, the upswept blade in stainless steel with razor-sharp edge and fine tip will have any carnivore looking for that next cut of meat; any reason at all to reach for this clean, purpose-driven chef knife build with superb finish and attention to detail. Steve has given the blade a simple, function-first finish, with light texturing on the flats above the bevels where his maker's mark blends in nicely. Rounded and polished for both comfort and good looks, the blade's spine tapers steadily from heel to tip, yet allows only the slightest bit of flexibility in the final stretch, perfect for trimming cuts of protein large and small, morning, noon, and night. Get grilling!