"After 30 years of bladesmithing I still find being able to heat a piece of steel and move it like clay close to magic."

Meet The Makers

Shawn McIntyre - Australia

Having attained the coveted Mastersmith rank in 2008, Shawn McIntyre forges world-class cutting tools, chef knives included (fortunately for us), at his small, one-man shop in Melbourne, Australia. Built to the highest possible standards, creating his own damascus, performing heat treatment in-house, and testing every blade, Shawn's knives are pure works of art, both in the hand and to the eye. Starting a knife collection a decade before he was old enough to drive, Shawn went on to work as a short-order cook while in school, chopping, slicing and dicing endless ingredients for over ten years, eventually entering the metal trades as a machinist in his early twenties. Stunningly executed classic blade styles and profiles, built using the finest ingredients, each with Shawn's own unique touch to set every knife apart from the pack, we're extremely honored to make his culinary wares available to you here on Eatingtools.