Copper & Brass Silver Chef 197mm

The first of its kind, designed and created by bladesmith Saul Kokkinos-Kennedy, this extraordinary chef knife debuts Saul's hollow copper handle concept, forged using custom tooling, producing a beautiful, textured, and above all, comfortable and functional tool. At the front and back of the handle, with varying degrees of sculpting and carving, brass bolsters and an butt cap are found, fastened using silver solder. Together, the honyaki blade with beautiful hamon forged from 26c3 carbon steel,matched to the all-metal handle of copper, brass, and silver, results in a versatile and wonderfully balanced tool, its overall weight of 6.6oz / 186g distributed around a balance point just above the blade heel. For top-notch performance on the cutting board, the 197mm / 7.8" long by 55mm tall blade features convex, polished, workhorse bevels that drop to a razor-sharp edge, strong and tough at the heel, and thinning progressively to a very fine, needle-like tip. The rounded blade spine's full-distal taper, rounded choil, and overall feel in the hand, is everything a chef could ask for in mid-size, daily-use cutting tool.