Keyhole Damascus Chef 278mm

The second of two extraordinary knives in his keyhole mosaic damascus, and the only with a Western-style keyhole construction integral bolster, this is the latest piece of culinary art from bladesmith Salem Straub. With an extra-long, slim, and flexible 278mm / 10.9" blade that enjoys precisely honed compound 'S-grind' bevel geometry for performance and food release, Salem has created a one-of-a-kind cutting tool that on one hand is polished and pristine, and at the same time unique, carrying the marks of its handmade origins; along each side of the blade's 56mm tall profile, light and dark areas appear as the bevels reflect light from just the right angles. Carefully tested for consistent hardness, the blade is technically superb, while the etch of the carbon alloys that make up the damascus steel and visibly reveal its patterns, has yielded an uneven finish, appearing, as mentionmed, from some angles and not others. Dressed in boxelder burl nestled inside the keyhole cut out of the damascus bolster, the handle is comfortable and elegant, the blade through-tang secured and visible at the handle's rear in the form of a spirograph damascus retention nut.