Flowing Chains Gyuto 240mm

If the devil is in the details, this knife is pure evil. And yet, Salem Straub is a saint, undoubtedly imbuing his bright energy into this striking chef knife to do only good. Featuring his Flowing Chains pattern mosaic damascus, the 240mm / 9.5" blade with compound s-grind geometry for balance and food release is thin and razor-sharp, designed for all variety of daily meal prep. And then there is the handle: a frame of African Blackwood is precisely inlaid, symmetrically on each side, with triangular pieces of boxelder, spalted maple, and desert ironwood. The handle converges with the blade's integral bolster, also of Flowing Chains damascus, with an heirloom fit, and at the other end, a stainless steel through nut is visible, an extension of the blade's tang.