"The drive to create is a primal instinct. The creative process feeds an inner hunger that nourishes the soul. That hunger will never be fulfilled on the lifelong quest for ethereal beauty."

Meet The Makers

Saign Charlestein - Washington

Saign Charlestein is an accomplished metalsmith, artist, and teacher based in Washington State. Saign has been recognized for the exquisite, heirloom-quality objects he has created for Hollywood movies, celebrity musicians, and collectors around the world. Through his company SC Studios, Saign crafts custom metalworking tools such as hammers, chisels, and more, teaches chasing and repoussé classes among others, and of course, he collaborates with us to forge stunning, world-class culinary objects for the kitchen, dining room, and bar.

From The Archives

    Pure Silver Baby Spoons
    Saign Charlestein
    Pure Silver Baby Spoons