Bog Oak San Mai Gyuto 192mm

This is a light, thin laser of a gyuto handcrafted by Robert Trimarchi of the.nine, a talented maker and blacksmith based in Melbourne, Australia. With a 52100 core and housemade damascus cladding in 1095 and 15n20, the blade has just the right amount of flex with a spine width of 1.5mm at the middle and an overall weight of just 4oz / 114g. The bog oak wa-style handle tapers nicely with contouring at the front and back, the knife balancing just in front of it at the heel. A fantastic daily-use chef knife with a gently rocking profile in a size that you won't find many reasons to set aside no matter the task. A handmade maple saya with turned bronze pin is included, as are blade oil and handle paste like all of Robert's knives.