Ebony Rays Chef 247mm

Invoking a flow of immeasurable energy like rays from a sun that power life below, aligned with the natural bands of grain in the ebony wood handle behind it, this house-made damascus chef knife's blade by artist Rick Petko is forged from a new, house made, four-bar mosaic damascus steel. Forward balanced, settling on the finger about 1.5" in front of the blade's heel, with wonderful weight in hand, the 247mm / 9.7" blade delivers versatile geometry, nice and thin just behind the edge with convex primary bevels that provide workhorse strength and cutting abilities with the precision of a long, gyuto profile for finesse and effortless slicing. An absolute pleasure to hold, Rick has selected a beautiful piece of black and white ebony with a carbon fiber ferrule, sculpted in a simple, tapered, Eastern style, for comfort and control.