Queensland Maple Wootz Chef 155mm

Blacksmith and bladesmith Peter Swarz-Burt is back with a full-size kitchen workhorse boasting gorgeous house-made materials for both blade and handle. At 246mm / 9.7" long and 57mm tall, the blade is forged by hand from Peter's own wootz steel made using traditional methods, ground thin at the edge below nicely shaped convex bevels, strong and tough at the low, pointed tip, slightly flexible throughout, and polished to a silky finish. For the handle's spacer, Peter created a beautiful mokume gane from nickel and copper that has been polished and etched to a striking sheen, and paired with silk oak wood and a marbled white resin ferrule, all sculpted into a comfortable shield profile, faceted on top and rounded below. A black micarta through-tang cap at the rear and tang collar at the front are visible.