Koa Wootz Santoku 190mm

Tall and voluptuous with 60mm high heel, deep belly, and beautifully curved profile that rocks naturally on the board, this chef's workhorse shows Peter Swarz-Burt's homemade wootz steel and it's damascus-like patterns in striking style. At 190mm / 7.5" long with a upswept profile and steady distal taper along the spine to a pointed tip that maintains strength and rigidity throughout, we would consider this knife, with its razor-sharp edge and wonderful convex geometry, a daily user for the toughest cuts and precise slices alike. Balanced just at the front of the handle, the blade moves quickly and effortlessly in the hand. To bring it all together, in Peter's locally inspired and well-loved style, is a tall, comfortable, hand-filling handle of Hawaiian Koa wood with its usually incredible colors and grain, paired with a tapering, faceted bolster of black micarta which matches a black micarta retention bolt cap at the rear of the handle.