Carved Koa Wootz Slicer 218mm

Forged by hand from wootz steel created from scratch in a crucible at Peter Swarz-Burt's studio in Hawaii, this elegant slicer features a long, thin, and sharp edge paired with a striking handle of intricately carved Hawaiian Koa. Comfortable and unforgettable in the hand, the textured handle carvings offer wonderful control over a 218mm / 8.6" blade that will be at home both slicing and detailing in the kitchen or carving and serving in the dining room. A touch of lateral flexibility in the blade's final inches as it tapers to a fine, needle-like tip, this is a versatile tool that can even play the role of all-around chef knife for those who enjoy a shorter profile. The handle is completed with a black micarta collar around the blade's tang in the front and a matching micarta cap in the rear to cover the through-tang retention bold. Finally, a ferrule of white Elforyn, an environmentally friendly ivory substitute, is sculpted and tapered forward to finish the handsome handle.