Olive Juma Chef 195mm

We find it hard to look away from this knife, and even harder to put it down. The beautifully polished and sculpted olive-green handle in sustainable Juma meets a faceted and contoured brass ferule with stepped-down heirloom fit, which hugs the blade's tang as it transitions from the gold-plated ricasso. The handle is fully removable via the third-generation design of Oliver Märtens' assembly configuration, with the ricasso's gold plating adding a layer of protection at this key point, in addition to good looks. And then, of course, there is the nimble and very versatile blade, forged by hand from the clean 1.2067 carbon steel, tapered to a fine, pointed tip, and sharpened to a hair-popping, thin, and hard edge. The weight and balance make for a strong, stiff workhorse feel, fast in the hand and capable of precise, detail-oriented work with the thin, light front half of the blade, while the rear maintains enough material and edge curvature to rock and chop on the cutting board with ease. The hollowed section of blade is incorporated with right-handed chefs in mind, and assists with weight distribution as well as food release.