Aluminum Pyramid Gyuto 185mm

This gyuto from German bladesmith Oliver Martens, unlike any before it in many ways, has us looking at this beautiful tool, and then looking again. In pyramid pattern carbon damascus steel, produced locally by small specialty forge, the blade offers the technical attributes what we expect from Oliver: especially thin at the edge, nicely convex throughout the height of the tall bevels above, tapering forward along the spine to a very slim, needle-like tip, and wonderfully balanced in all ways. The handle, in a variation on his recognizable and versatile shape, is shaped first from a lovely piece of black canvas micarta with pronounced grain pattern, and then uniquely from a series of independent, faceted aluminum rings. These rings, as with the single piece of micarta, are all removeable for care and maintenance via a torx nut in the rear, the end point of a well-planned and beautifully built through tang construction; see Oliver's photos here for a look at the mechanical structure of this one-of-a-kind knife.