Floral Weave Mosaic Chef 205mm

A pair of distinct and striking house-made damascus patterns flow along the length of the blade and integral bolster in artist Niko Nicolaides' newest culinary creation. This one-of-a-kind chef knife features 205mm / 8.07" of thin, hard, and sharp edge, composed of Niko's Funky Fence pattern carbon damascus where you will find beautifully shaped convex geometry in bevels that find a superb balance between tough and slim, allowing for both workhorse-style chopping and precision slicing, supported by a very fine tip for detail work. Above Funky Fence is where the Floral Weave pattern blooms, stretching forward toward the tip, and coalescing in the back where the stunning, sculpted bolster shows the details of the pattern in impressive form. The taper, soft lines, and curves of the bolster offer abundant comfort in the pinch grip, behind which you find a spacer of unique green carbon fiber followed by a simple, elegant Western style handle of maple wood. Balanced just in front of the bolster with rounded spine and choil, the knife's exceptional looks are second only to its capabilities in the kitchen.