Dense W's Bullnose Butcher 210mm

Named for the Dense W's pattern damascus used in the blade's san mai-construction cladding, we just can't look away from this exquisite bullnose butcher's knife from bladesmith Niko Nicolaides. With beautifully honed bevel geometry for this purpose-built tool, short, meaty, and markedly convex, with a razor-sharp edge and stiff spine, the 210mm bullnose profile is designed for breaking down large cuts of protein, and even for skinning, although it's on the large size for the latter; but this knife, especially with its head-turning aesthetic, will be a wonderful choice for carving and slicing at the dining table as well. Behind the blade, and including portions of both the 52100 carbon steel core and the damascus cladding, an integral bolster is forged and sculpted to begin the handle before merging with a ring of deep, dark burlap micarta, and finally to a polished and comfortable piece of black walnut burl.