Mt Vernon Birch Chef 190mm

The first Nick Rossi chef knife of 2023 hits the mark in every way, delivering all that we love about Nick's work: handsome design, thoughtful material combination, organic aesthetic, and above all, functional. Forged from house-made carbon damascus created with 1084 and 15n20 alloys, the 190mm / 7.5" blade features Nick's well-loved profile, tall in the back with plenty of belly for big chopping, a gently rounded spine that drops to a pointed yet tough tip, and medium-height convex bevels that drop to a thin, sharp, and hard edge. All of these elements combine to form a versatile, do-it-all blade for all manner of kitchen work. Icing on the cake is the two-tine finish, polished and etched along the primary bevels to reveal the beautiful damascus pattern, and forge-textured flats above where the pattern plays into the scale and hammer marks in a way we'll never tire of. To control the steel is a sculped, Western-style handle of yellow birch burl which Nick sourced from Mt Vernon, Maine, the town over from where his shop sits. Completing the handle is a frame of black canvas micarta, a ferrule of carbon fiber, a spacer of red G10, and an oversized, flush, polished copper pin.