Moss River Shichi Mai Chef 210mm

Forged in Maine by bladesmith, blacksmith, and teacher Nick Rossi, his latest chef knife features a house-made shichi mai (seven layer) blade clad in stacked layers of salvaged Maine wrought iron, 1084, and 15n20 carbon alloys, all surrounding an edge of CruForgeV. As expected of Nick's work the blade is built to use and use for everything. Thin at the edge, stiff along the spine, and tapering to a fine tip, this full-size, 210mm / 8.3" knife stands 54mm tall at the heel, perfect to become the go-to prep knife in any kitchen. The captivating and beautifully shaped handle is sculpted from green, dyed and stabilized Maine river drive maple that is fitted to a natural canvas micarta frame and capped with a carbon fiber collar.