Labyrinthine Chef 230mm

It is not difficult to find oneself lost in the labyrinthine twists and turns of this mind-bending damascus pattern created by artist and bladesmith Nick Anger. For 230mm from the classically and comfortably sculpted integral bolster forward to the thin yet tough tip, the variations and complexity of the imagery achieved through the marrying of two carbon steel alloys is matched only by the utility of the tool which it creates. Tall, subtly convex bevels slim downward from the symmetrically faceted-for-comfort spine to a thin, razor-sharp edge. Rigid along said spine with only a slight touch of lateral flexibility in the final inches per Nick's undeviating full-distal taper, the 68mm tall blade profile delivers a lengthy, flat stretch from the heel forward to nearly the four-fifths point, making endless chopping and push-pull cutting a breeze, finishing with a luscious curve up to a medium-high tip positioned for slicing and detail work. In grand, dark ebony, a handle sculpted simply in Western fashion for comfort and control, completes the package.