Martin Huber Damascus Chef 195mm

In a size and configuration built for daily meal prep of all variety comes a Martin Huber chef knife in pre-owned, new, and unused condition. This one-of-a-kind blade from Martin's shop in Northern Austria features house-made san mai steel with 100-layer damascus cladding, a layer of pure nickel, and a hard, sharp core of 1.2519 carbon steel. Thin at the edge from heel to tip, tall bevels sit below a rounded, tapering spine that provides strength and toughness in the rear for chopping and tougher cuts, slimming to a thin, precise, pointed tip for slicing and detail work. At 195mm / 7.7" long with a 55mm tall heel, the blade rocks nicely on the board, balancing its nimble 6.9oz overall weight just at the front of a sculpted, Western-style masur birch handle with pair of polished stainless pins and single mosaic pin.