Ironwood Damascus Santoku 182mm

Light, fast, and beautifully styled in 100-layer homemade carbon damascus steel with ironwood and bog oak handle that features a stainless spacer and retention nut in the back, comes the newest chef knife by Austria's Martin Huber. Balancing a hair behind the blade's heel, this 182mm / 7.2" santoku is nimble, quick, and versatile in hand, rocking nicely on the board, quite thin above the edge and below the convex primary bevel geometry, and finishing at a finely pointed tip.for detail work. The handle, comfortably curved along the bottom and faceted on the top three edges, features desert ironwood with stunning grain matched to a dark, tapered bog oak bolster separated by a stainless spacer, with a stainless steel retention nut visible in the rear. An outstanding knife for daily meal prep.