Karelian & Copper Bunka 180mm

Classic in style and utility, built for every-day meal prep and designed with a refined, understated finish, this 180mm / 7" bunka chef's knife by Luke Scheepers is a function-first tool to be passed down through the generations. Luke, the creative force behind his family's ScheepersBuilt brand, delivers a thin, lightweight, and razor-sharp carbon steel blade with compound 'S-grind' geometry in a size and profile that can easily become the only knife you'll reach for day in and day out. A combination of precision, computer-aided machining and generative design-driven texturing forms a high-performance blade with a two-tone finish, patinated and matte where a hammer-mark pattern flats and the concave area of the bevels lie, and satin-finished where the compound geometry reverses and leads to the edge, perfect for efficient cuts and excellent food release. To match the striking blade is an 'acorn' shaped handle, faceted on top and curved below, sculpted from karelian birch wood, and fitted with a stepped-down copper bolster.