Tyger Tyger Butcher Block & Plate

Looking at Tyger Tyger, the name of our newest butcher block from Owl Woodworks, you may think it's a typo and that we meant 'Tiger Tiger' or even just 'Tiger' for the strong animal pattern coming from the maker’s use of tigerwood, but Luke Martin titled this piece after “The Tyger,” a poem by William Blake. Like the poem, Luke’s artwork reveals the beauty of nature through the rich and varying tones of the maple and padauk, the stripe-like pattern of the tigerwood, and the mesmerizing symmetry present throughout the balanced cutting surface. On to the utility, you'll find two juice grooves that create an “L” shape positioned opposite the half-moon cut-out where the nicely striped plate sits ready to keep your ingredients out of the way while you chop away. Four premium rubber feet are secured with stainless steel hardware that ensure stability and support on any counter or table. As always, we could go on and on discussing the thoughtful design and true craftsmanship of Luke’s board and soon when preparing meals on this board, we think you too will share our excitement and appreciation.