The Hunt Butcher Block

Find your place at the top of the food chain with Luke Martin's The Hunt custom cutting board. Like a pack of lions, golden maple wood pushes from the outer flanks inward toward fragmented pieces of zebrawood as they approach the dark and beautiful canvas of walnut wood accented with red splashes of padauk wood. Each end-grain cut reaches two inches tall to provide a solid, sturdy, and dense surface on which to prepare endless meals. Meeting at one corner are two juice grooves which grace one long and one short side. Opposite the juice grooves and out of sight beneath the board is a half-moon cut-out, a feature of Owl Woodworks butcher blocks, which allows for a plate to be inset beneath the work area so that ingredients once cut can be easily moved to their next destination. And finally, four, premium rubber feet secured with stainless hardware provide support and stability wherever the board is used.