Knives that transcend utility.

Meet The Makers

Living Steel 626 - NYC

Living Steel is a collaboration between Eatingtools' founder Abe Shaw and top designers and artisans around the world. With over two decades' experience working with custom and handmade knives and tools, Abe launched Living Steel in 2019 as a standalone collection of exclusive, collaboratively developed objects for the kitchen. Bringing the knowledge, experience, and relationships formed over ten years curating the collection on this website, Abe partners with the likes of Sweden's Andersson Copra, London's Blenheim Forge, New Hampshire's Linny Kenney, and Brooklyn's Will Griffin, to create small-batch runs of world-class, handcrafted chef knives and accessories. From the Classic Chef LS235, made in Gothenburg, Sweden by Joel Andersson and Adisa Copra of Swedish-made high-carbon steel with superb, thin, and sharp convex bevel geometry, full-distal tapers, whetstone-sharpened edges, to the Honesuki LS150 forged by hand at Blenheim Forge's London workshop from house-made san mai steel for precise cuts, deboning poultry, and other demanding kitchen work, each is thoughtfully and purposefully designed and built with care and precision.