Black Nickel Santoku 203mm

Our first chef knife from Kent, England bladesmith Korben Bloomfield is nothing short of incredible. In the hand, on the cutting board, and mounted on its custom display stand made by Korben, this one-of-a-kind piece of culinary art will turn heads. Wide at the spine, tall at the heel with mid-height convex bevels, this 203mm / 8" santoku is as solidly built and satisfying to hold as a tool can be, tipping the scales at a formidable 13.1oz / 372g. Thin, sharp, and hardened to 60 HRC at the 80crv2 carbon steel edge, Korben's geometry is superb and versatile, this blade leaning in the workhorse direction but offering capable slicing capacity from the slim tip on back as well. With his special black finish, the result of a finely tuned mix of etching, polishing, and controlled oxidation that adds lasting protection, and a bright vein of nickel, the blade's silky bevels merge with the forge-finished flats, and behind those is the gorgeous integral bolster with a wonderfully tactile weathered finish. Completing the handle is an heirloom-fit polished steel spacer and carved maple wood with a single in-set pin that allows for the handle to be removed in the event that repairs are needed. Every detail is accounted for, and we love them all.