Damascus Skate Bunka 180mm

Brothers Kamil & Michal Hanuljak deliver an exceptional chef's knife forged by hand in their native Prague, Czech Republic from house-made, damascus-clad san mai steel with thin, hard, and very sharp high carbon steel edge. Balanced a touch in front of the blade's 62mm tall heel, the knife offers a nimble and natural feel in the hand. For delicate slices to all-day vegetable chopping, the 180mm / 7" edge culminates at a needle-like tip in the front opposite a long, flat section toward the back, with the low, Japanese-inspired bevels providing convex geometry where damascus cladding meets the monosteel edge. Ideal for all manner of daily prep work, the striking blade is matched to an equally bold handle sculpted from reclaimed skateboards, exhibiting the vibrant colors and grain of its origins, finished with rounded edges for comfort and a high-polished sheen for a smooth grip and mighty good looks.