Tangerine Damascus Chef 188mm

Built solidly with precision, weighted in the hand, thick at the spine, sharp and thin at the edge, and dressed to turn heads wherever it goes, a striking chef knife handmade by New Jersey bladesmith Joshua White. In 180 layers of beautifully etched and polished random pattern damascus steel, the hand-forged 188mm / 7.4" blade stands 54mm tall where the heel curves back under the handle, providing a balanced and powerful blade in a mid-size package perfect for kitchens large and small. Josh creates a look we love, complementing the damascus blade with a removeable handle that matches a tangerine-orange frame, carved and chiseled for grip and style, to gently contoured outer scales of natural, cross-cut canvas micarta. The brass through-tang retention screw is accessible at the rear for disassembly and cleaning.