Spalted Oak Chef 173mm

Bladesmith Joshua White's unique style and attention to detail are on full display in this robust and beautiful hand-forged chef knife. The elegant blade shape and thin, hair-popping edge will make easy work of ingredients in the kitchen, efficient chops and precise slices backed by weight and balance, while the knife's form can also make this an excellent slicer and small carving knife for the dining room. Joshua wraps the core of 1095 carbon damascus steel which comprises the edge, with cladding of 180-layer carbon damascus, giving the blade a beautiful, high-contrast appearance out of the gate. For comfort and control the handle is carved from spalted oak, and Joshua has domed and carved the back, giving it a shape we love and further adding to the comfortable grip. Capping the tapered, octagonal handle where it meets the blade is a sculpted ferule of black G10.