Stainless Trapeze Chef 265mm

A head-turning damascus blade, both melodic and captivatingly psychedelic, designed and forged by bladesmith Joshua Prince to kick off 2022. With 265mm / 10.4" of razor-sharp, stainless steel edge, this impressive build delivers the sensibilities of a classic French chef knife to the cutting board: long, thin along a superbly hardened spine that provides for noteworthy lateral flexibility, and enough material behind the edge to offer workhorse strength and versatility across the kitchen. But it doesn't end there. With Josh, it rarely does. The house-made stainless damascus morphs from blade to integral bolster with rustic, two-tone finish. That point of transition is also where the knife balances, giving it a solid feel in the hand with the rear-leaning center of gravity, a welcomed touch for such a large and formidable profile. Then, immediately behind the bolster is a recessed spacer of bronze clay, followed by a stretch of blackwood, and finally, a sculpted piece of red, black, and gray Fatcarbon carbon fiber. But don't miss the stainless damascus retention nut at the rear, the icing on the cake so to speak, a striking detail to cap a gorgeous tool from this talented maker.