Redwood Gunsmoke Chef 253mm

The second time we have experienced 'Gunsmoke' pattern damascus from bladesmith Joshua Prince, and we are only more and more impressed by the transformation of this striking pattern into a one-of-a-kind culinary tool. With 253mm / 10" of tall, sharp, and precisely hardened cutting power, Joshua has delivered a full-size chef knife capable of the day's most demanding tasks. Moving forward from a tapered integral handle bolster where a section of mono-steel gives way to the damascus seen across the blade's convex bevels, the knife's spine tapers steadily to a pointed tip where a touch of lateral flexibility is enjoyed while a maintaining strength and rigidity further back. The European-style profile rocks wonderfully on the board, a long flat section forward the heel for chopping giving way to a nice curvature upward to the tip. True to Joshua's approach that never sacrifices either form or function for the other, behind the bolster is first a spacer of grey G10 followed by a sculpted and quite comfortable piece of redwood burl to complete the handle. And finally, by artist Francesca of Teton Leather, a custom magnetic sharkskin saya.