Osage Harpoon Chef 232mm

Long, thin, and wonderfully flexible throughout its 232mm / 9.1" length comes a house-made stainless damascus steel chef knife with harpoon profile by Joshua Prince of Rhode Island. An heirloom-fit integral bolster slims toward the blade which, beginning immediately above the heel, is thin at the spine, superbly shaped and heat treated for versatile and functional lateral flexibility similar to that of a classic Sabatier French chef knife. Razor-sharp at the edge, the tall bevels are thin throughout, yet enough material remains to provide a workhorse level of strength and durability, further adding to the resourcefulness of this beautiful tool. Sculpted from osage orange wood with a ferule of red, black, and gray Fatcarbon carbon fiber, the Western-style handle is large, comfortable, and gently rounded at every turn.