Laniakea Dark Matter 240mm

Laniakea, the galaxy supercluster to which our Milky Way belongs, is the inspiration behind this other-worldly feather damascus portrayal by Rhode Island bladesmith and artist Joshua Prince. Like a web of galaxies and the cosmic forces that radiate, the power of this chef's knife is immediately felt by those near, not least of which, the hand of the user. The edge rests on the cutting board beneath a 73mm tall heel, with a handle curvature that further allows the operator to drive the blade downward through any ingredient in its orbit. With grain and natural elements seeming to mimic the outward flow of energy associated with the eruption of an exploding star, the spalted oak end grain is sculpted into a comfortable, hand-filling form. And to provide a proper home to such a stellar object, a handcrafted leather sheath by Francesca Wilburn-Ritchie of Wilburn Forge Leather.