Bocote Integral Chef 183mm

The question is not what you will use this Joshua Price chef knife for, the question is what won't you use it for? The answer, we would suggest, is very little. To rock nicely on the board, slice with its thin, sharp edge, or carve with the fine, pointed tip, Joshua delivers a hand-forged blade made up of layer upon layer of wrought iron, mild steels, carbon alloys, and pure nickel, all on top of a core of 80crv2 carbon steel. In integral construction, the 59mm tall heel rises through an S-shaped choil, through tight twists and turns of various metals, and expands outward to form the tactile, roughly finished bolster which almost seems to share the grains of the beautiful bocote wood behind it. Gently sculpted and rounded in every direction, the handle is simple, elegant, and comfortable in any grip.