"My simple honest aim is to build quality, beautiful items that work well, feel good in your hands, show some process and hopefully if all goes as ‘planned’ look better with age. Tall order aye?"

Meet The Makers

Jonathan Shor - New Jersey

Surrounded by nature and metal, accompanied by his dog and shop companion, Rika, and with a lifetime of design, sculpture, and art under his belt, Jonathan Shor is a creative and skilled craftsperson making in Princeton, New Jersey. As a young man Jonathan worked in food service at his uncle's restaurant when he was first exposed to woodwork by way of his uncle's coinciding horse barn renovation. The need to work with his hands solidified and he went on to study sculpture and apprentice in stone masonry before beginning his first sole-authorship venture, Mason Gabriel Stone Works. From stone, Jonathan went on to bespoke woodworking and furniture making, but never strayed far from his stone-based sculptures, which evolved to incorporate metal elements, and this is when a focus on metalwork and blacksmithing began. At Jonathan Shor Designs, Jonathan now creates architectural works such as furniture, gates, and custom hardware, complemented by bottle openers and the beautiful and unique brass cocktail picks found here.