Joe Schrum Wrought Chef 208mm

By bladesmith Joseph Schrum of Halcyon Forge comes a wonderful opportunity to own an extraordinary, handmade san mai chef knife recently refinished by Mr Schrum himself. Pre-owned and in excellent condition, with newly polished and etched bevels, a new, thin, razor-sharp edge, and stunning handle of walnut burl and buffalo horn, this full-size knife is designed with all manner of daily meal prep in mind. Beautiful wrought iron and a layer of pure nickel flank a core of 1084 high carbon steel, the medium height convex bevels slimming from top to bottom and back to front in Joseph's usually superb style, versatile and capable of tough work toward the heel, with a paper thin, needle-like tip at the end of the spine’s full-distal taper for detailed and precise work. The wa-style handle is simple, elegant, and incredibly welcoming in the hand, complementing a rounded blade spine and choil for comfort in any grip.