Spalted Willow Nakiri 130mm

From our newest maker, Jerarmie 'Jezz' Heywood of Australia, this captivating nakiri chef's knife will provide as much utility in any kitchen as the amount of inspiration it is sure to provide the cook who wields it. Forged by hand at Jezz's shop in Newcastle, once known as Australia's 'Steel City', the 130mm / 5.1" long by 57mm tall blade is hard, sharp, and very thin below mid-height, slightly convex bevels. The finish is rustic and beautiful, a combination of textural, forge-finished areas toward the spine where bands of various cladding alloys seem to run front-to-back in straight lines before they begin twisting and turning further down the bevels, where light and dark areas culminate at a thin line of bright nickel before giving way to the Hitachi Blue No.2 edge. From a burned, natural void in the wood at the rear of the handle through the striking grain and shades of browns, yellows, and oranges, the spalted willow wood handle is simple, comfortable, and perfectly suited to the knife's aesthetic.