Bog Oak Honyaki Chef 198mm

Featuring a differentially hardened honyaki blade in 125sc ('super clean') carbon steel with high polish, hand-sanded bevels, forge-finished flats, and dreamy convex geometry, Jelle Hazenberg delivers a chef's knife built for performance. The rounded blade spine enjoys a long, steady, full-distal taper that provides strength and rigidity throughout while leading to a slim forward stretch of edge and especially fine tip for precision slices and detail work. And as expected of Jelle's functional art, the handle is every bit as eye-catching as the blade that curves backward thereby placing the edge's heel below the handle's front and a hair behind the knife's balance point. Carved by hand one curve, transition, and contour at a time, Jelle has selected stabilized bog oak with a spacer of dyed and stabilized maple for this sculptural work that is so iconic of his style, and yet always unique to the knife for which the handle is crafted. And this one is no different. Striking from front to back, made by a chef for the chef.