"Utilizing one of life's most vital tools as a canvas for art."

Meet The Makers

Jason Ellard - Tasmania

Based in Tasmania, Jason Ellard has been forging metal and creating handmade chef knives since he was 15 years old. At just 22, Jason now produces some of the finest damascus blades and one-of-a-kind pieces you will find, and he does this using only a hand-powered fly press, an impressive feat on its own. When he first began, Jason raised money to purchase tools for his shop by forging and selling train-track anvils. He not only invested in metalworking tools, he began making them as well, to this day producing exquisite forging hammers for the global bladesmithing community. With a firm handle on specialty hammer making, Jason began down the rabbit hole of high-end culinary knives, which quickly led to a fascination with mosaic damascus patterns and the endless possibilities this artistic endeavor provides. Learning from other talented makers in his area, and through endless trial and error, Jason's has developed a reputation as an innovative and skilled practitioner of the craft, forever pushing himself and the boundaries of his chosen medium to create exquisite, heirloom tools for the kitchen. Each piece offers that combination of form and uncompromising function that we prize at Eatingtools.

From The Archives

    Brute de Forge Cleaver 172mm
    Jason Ellard
    Brute de Forge Cleaver 172mm