Super Gold Kurouchi Gyuto 220mm

An outstanding build from bladesmith James Oatley of Sydney, Australia delivers a robust and striking blade with contrasting kurouchi finish above high-polished bevels of Japanese Super Gold 2 stainless steel. Precisely shaped for cutting performance, the short grind incorporates compound geometry, concave and then slightly convex as it nears the thin, razor-sharp, and very hard edge. Weighted and full in the hand, the knife tips the scales at 9.5oz / 270g, balancing just in front of the blade heel, with a spine that tapers only slightly until the final section where it drops to a paper-thin tip for slicing and detail work. Dyed and stabilized for good looks and longevity, the quilted maple handle features James' recognizable, tapered oval profile, secured with a hand-hammered brass pin. An elegant, friction-fit saya is included to complete the package. A handmade chef knife to spoil even the most discerning cooks.